Teeth Whitening Coquitlam

Tooth whitening is a safe, pain free and cost effective way to achieve whiter teeth and a dazzling smile. A dental evaluation is necessary to determine susceptibility for this treatment to ensure the greatest success.

Teeth can become discolored from tea, coffee, smoking and aging. These are considered extrinsic or superficial stains and respond well to treatment. Discoloration caused by excess fluoride or tetracycline use us internal and doesn’t respond well to treatment. Tooth whitening does not change the colour of existing fillings, crowns or veneers and is not recommended for patient with sensitive teeth or periodontal disease.

Whitening procedure

The process for treatment involves impressions of upper and lower teeth to fabricate custom-fitted trays

  • The patient receives the trays, whitening materials and instructions for home use. This involves wearing the trays with treatment material during the night for 2 weeks.
  • The dentist monitors the patient during this time to assess progress or concerns. This home treatment method of tooth whitening is the most popular.
  • Should the patient request immediate treatment; stronger concentrations of whitening material can be applied in the dental office under the supervision of the dentist.

This system can sometimes irritate the gums. Tooth whitening is not permanent and touch ups may be necessary once per year depending on habits and susceptibility to staining. This method of enhancing the appearance of teeth has no adverse effects on tooth structure or existing restorations. Tooth or gum sensitivity experienced by some patients is generally not permanent. The treatment is generally painless and requires no anesthetic making it an efficient and well-tolerated method of enhancing the appearance of teeth.


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Jacob Schwingboth
Jacob Schwingboth
Friendly staff and a warm welcome every time I visit.
Shireen Khimani
Shireen Khimani
I had a great experience at Burnaby Mountain Dental Centre. Dr. Imran Mitha was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything to me in a way that I could understand. He made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire visit. The staff was also very friendly and accommodating. Overall, I would highly recommend this dental office for anyone in need of dental care.
Rahim Tejani
Rahim Tejani
Definitely my favourite dental office in Vancouver. I now reside in Montreal, but often wait until we’re back in Van for the holidays to go see them. My kids feel really comfortable there as well which is great!
Bliss P
Bliss P
Kind dentists and staff, and flexible booking. They accommodated to my schedule and made room for my appointment. Dr. Imran Mitha was fast and made me feel comfortable during my appointment.
Shemin Kaba
Shemin Kaba
Excellent. Family oriented environment, friendly staff. Caring, comfort zone, specially for patients like myself, nervous, anxiety, etc.
Great orthodontist and very friendly
Mark Westerink
Mark Westerink
Great place would recommend it. Best in the area. Nice staff
Thomas Eville
Thomas Eville
Dr Imran Mitha created a treatment plan for me that included a crown replacement and facilitating a tooth implant. While performing the procedures Dr Mitha was kind, patient and understanding. He never pushed the surgery if I was feeling uncomfortable and he was always cognizant of my feelings. Every precaution was upheld during the time of Covid. He also helped organize a cleaning program with his dental hygienist. I wish Dr Mitha much success with his new practice in Vancouver. He will be missed at the Dental School in Cleveland.
Edgar Guerra
Edgar Guerra
Yueming Zhou
Yueming Zhou
Staff is super friendly and trustworthy. Definitely recommend to everyone!

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